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      He was born in Rokan Hulu , RIAU(Sumatera), Indonesia at July 21th 1976. He had been    learned about the art. He was been learned about the art education from The Art High School in Padang (Sumatera Barat,1992-   1997) and graduate from Indonesian Art Institute Yogyakarta (1997-2005).


Solo Exhibitions  
2005-Exhibition Tugas Akhir " Metafora Pearahu ” [ in] Kampus ISI Institut Of Art Yogyakarta
       -A  Painting Exhibition ” Fertility of the Village ” [ in]  Ary’s  Yogyakarta
2007-A Painting Exhibition " Unrepeatable ” [ in] Cassis  Jakarta

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Group Exhibitions

1995-Exhibition with SMSR Padang in Building of Kandepdikbud Painan Padang .

1996-Exhibition of SMK-SK  Sumatra in West Sumatra, Padang .

1997-Exhibition of Partisara Adikarya Afandi Gallery ISI, Yogyakarta .

       -Free Group Exhibition in Purna Budaya, Yogyakarta .

       -Exhibition Sketch With in Alley of Campus ISI, Yogyakarta .

1998-Exhibition of Repleksi epoch in Vredebrug Fortress, Yogyakarta .        

       -Free Group Exhibition in alley of ISI Campus, Yogyakarta .

       -Exhibition  With melenium in Garuda Hotel,Yogyakrta .

1999-Exhibition Gallery of Sakato lll in Vredebrug Fortress ,Yogyakarta .        

       -Exhibition of Lustrum lll in ISI Gallery, Yogyakarta and Bali -Exhibition With in Natour

        Garuda Hotel, Yogakarta .       

       -Free Group Exhibition [in] Purana Budaya, Yogyakarta .

2000-Buckle Exhibition in ISI Gallery,Yogyakarta .             

       -Islami Exhibition in Building DPRD,Yogyakarta .        

       -ICES Exhibition of  NATALIS Fill XVI in ISI  Gallery,Yogyakarta .

       -Exhibition of Gallery Sakato in TIM Jakarta

2001-Exhibition of FKY XIII in Vredebrug Fortress,Yogyakarta .

2002-Exhibition Select the area PEKSIMINAS in AKSERI,Yogyakarta .

       -Islami Exhibition in UMY,YogyakartaIndonesia.

       -Exhibition Four “ Adam Alam “ in Gelaran Budaya,Yogyakarta .        

       -Exhibition With Gallery Sanggar  in Vredebrug Fortress ,Yogyakarta .

       -Exhibition of Indonesia Saucer in Four city,Yogyakarta, Jakarta, Bandung and  Bali

       -ICES Exhibition of NATALIS FILL XVIII in  ISI Gallery,Yogyakarta .

       -Exhibition of PEKSIMINAS VI in University of Christian of Ambasador

        Wacana,Yogyakarta Indonesia.

       -Exhibition Five Angkor Wat Slep Reap Cambodia ( Cambhoja).

2003-Exhibition of Fine Arts [in] Gallery Langgeng, Magelang .

       -Artistic Exhibition of Islami in Padepokan Ahmad Dahlan,Yogyakarta .

       -Exhibitions Reflection 12 Year of Gallery of Suwung Indonesia in Vredebrug

        Fortress,Yogyakarta  .

2004-Exhibition of Perupa Minang se-indonesia " Balancing Tradition" in National

        Gallery, Jakarta .

       -Exhibition of Lustrum IV [in] Gallery ISI, Yogyakarta .

2005-Artistic exhibition "See world from Kaliurang"Djagat Gallery Academy Museum

        of Ullen Sentalu Kaliurang Yogyakarta Indonesia.

       -A Painting Exhibition “ Fertility Of the Village “ in Wisma Ary'S Yogyakarta .

2006-Artistic exhibition " Braid Bapilin " in Vredebrug Fortress, Yogyakarta .

       -Fine Arts Exhibition " Art For Jogja" in Cultural Garden of Yogyakarta (TBY) .

2007-Fine Arts Exhibition The Eleven Painter ” [ in] Gallery Elcanna, Jakarta

       -Fine Arts Exhibition The AOC'S SELECTION Part 1 “ [ in] The Peak Resort Dining,


       -Fine Arts Exhibition [ in] Sangkring Art Sace, Yogyakarta

       -Painting Arts Exhibition ” ” SiGhi Art Gallery Bukittinggi in West Sumatra,


2008-Painting Arts Exhibition " Ikonik " [ in] Gallery Milenium Jakarta

       -Painting Arts Exhibition " Kaba Rang Rantau " [ in] Gallery EGO Jakarta
       -Painting Arts Exhibition " Komedi putar " [in] Jogja Gallery Yogyakarta
       -Fine Arts Exhibition ” Seiring Sejalan ” [ in ] Gallery Denindo art House Jakarta
       -Fine Arts Exhibition  ” EROTIK ” [ in] Gallery Philo Art Space Jakarta
       -Fine Arts Exhibition  " HOPING SIANG HO " [ in] Biasa Gallery Yogyakrta
2009-Exhibition of Fine Arts "ANTARA NAMA DAN NAMA" in Jogja National Museum Yogyakarta
       -Exhibition of Fine Arts "Distance" Tony Raka Art Gallery, Ubud, Bali
       -Exhibition of Visual Art of Indonesia "Exposigns" 25 Years ISI Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta
        Expo Center,
2010-Exhibition of Fine Arts "BAKABA" Jogja National of Museum Yogyakarta,
       -Exhibition "JOGJA ART SHARE Jogja National  of Museum Yogyakarta,
2011-Exhibition of Fine Arts"Jogja Art Fair" in Cultural Garden of Yogyakarta (TBY),Yogyakarta
       -Exhibition of Fine Arts "LOCALITY AND UNIVERSALITY" in Chandan Gallery,Malaysia
       -Exhibition of Fine Arts"Archipelago On Canvas" Mandiri Prioritas, Semarang
       -Exhibition of Fine Arts Art Xchange Gallery "Art Expo Malaysia" ,Kuala Lumpur
       -Exhibition of Fine Arts Art Xchange Gallery "Affordable Art Fair"in F1 Pit Building
2012-Exhibition of Fine Arts “ Negari Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat ”Jogja National of Museum


2002-10 Nomination Select the area DIY (PEKSIMINAS) Week of National Student,

        Yogyakarta  Indonesia.

       -Best Masterpiece Select the national of DIY (PEKSIMINAS) Week [of]

        National Student, Yogyakarta Indonesia.

2010 -60 Semi finalis ,Bandung Contemporary Art Awards (BaCAA), Bandung



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